History Edit

Metro baby

Metro Man is from an unknown planet. He is first seen as a baby, fighting Megamind in space. He is the golden child while Megamind is the black sheep, even from the beginning. He is referred to as "Mr. Goody Twoshoes" because he wins over the entire class, has the rich family, and later becomes a superhero.

Personality Edit

Metro Man is a good guy, but he comes across as pretty full of himself. He's a rich kid with superpowers, what can you expect? He bullies Megamind in school, and then later Megamind becomes a Super Villain and the two battle as arch nemesis. He later denounces his role as Superhero and fakes his death because he's sick of the constant, petty battles. Also known as Music Man. He has eyes that can see right through lead

Metro man

Relationships Edit

It is thought that he is in a relationship with Roxanne Ritchie but this is later said to be false. No other known relationships.